Lash Lift Kit

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I WOKE UP LIKE THIS, I WOKE UP LIKE THIS. Ever wish you could wake up with perfectly curled and voluminized lashes? Well have I got a little secret for you. Enter...this kit. With just a few minutes, you can perm your lashes to hold for months. Kiss those expensive trips to the salon goodbye! I know it is a little scary to do things to your face, but trust me  - and more importantly, trust yourself. You got this, girl! Wake up feeling put together and confident in your natural beauty. Be sure to check out the full How-To video to see me do it on my own face first!

Customer Reviews

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Emily Morris
Never received - no response

Sent an email to request tracking, no response and never received.

Alissa G.
This literally changed my life

I have naturally short and thin eyelashes so I've been in the habit of wearing magnetic lashes. They were honestly really annoying but I thought that was the only way I'd be able to have nice lashes. WRONG. After using this kit, I have ditched my false lashes for good.

Mayson D.
I did not think this was going to work, but it totally did

I've been thinking about getting this for awhile now, but I didn't trust myself to do it and make it look good. Turns out, it is pretty much fool proof. It takes a little practice to get it perfect, but it's amazing when you do! The first time it turned out okay, but make sure you have your eyelashes in the exact position you want them to stay in when they are stuck to the pads.

Caylee M.
I'm shocked

Okay seriously I was a little scared of doing this but the results were AMAZING. I can not tell you how much of a game changer this is. Order this! You will not regret it!